Orders may be placed with AeroStorm by phone, mail, fax, email, or in person at our offices.

  • Any information about products, including prices, found on the website or in other informational materials is merely a request to enter into a contract; it is not an offer. Prices must be considered as an estimate. The price listed in AeroStorm and approved in writing by an authorized employee is the price that is legally binding during sales. Please make sure that the price of an offer includes VAT. Never are shipping and customs fees included in the prices. AeroStorm is not bound by any orders they accept, and they are not automatically accepted if they receive no answer.

    Only orders for goods in quantities relevant to their multiplicity are accepted. We are unable to dissect reels, for instance. The products that AeroStorm sells are of the finest caliber. Their protection against mechanical and electrical damages is ensured by the manner in which they are transported, stored, and packaged.


    Within five days of delivery, returns for quantity difference must be submitted.

    Only after receiving approval from AeroStorm and an RMA could defective or incorrectly delivered goods be returned. A detailed explanation of the complaint's reason, a copy of the purchase agreement, and the anticipated resolution method must all be included in the complaint.

    Only shipments without cash on delivery will be accepted for returns of the goods. We shall investigate the validity of a particular complaint after receiving the notification and the relevant products.